About Me:

Hi Welcome to Lil Bowtique,

My name is Linna and I am the owner of a small business, I am a military wife and a mom of 2 girls. Lil Bowtique started a few years ago when we were stationed in Japan. At the time in a new place with no family I turned to my creativity to keep me busy. I started making hair bows for my girls and noticed that living on base and with a culture shock I could sell them on base. I registered it as a home based business and was taken back with all the amazing support I received. My first Christmas bazaar I had sold out all of my hair bows and was making custom orders almost everyday. I didn’t realize that in a way it had brought me back to life. Being a military wife meant we would move a lot! When we got to Idaho I decided to make my baby Lil Bowtique an official part of the small business family and turned it into an LLC! I have been so grateful and honored to be taken in and accepted everywhere we go!

Thank you for the support,

The Lil Bowtique Family